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April 26, 2016

How to Stay Warm with a Fire pit and Enjoy Your New Patio Furniture this Early Summer Season?

The seasons are starting to change here in Vancouver, but even though summer is just around the corner, the cool nights of spring won’t seem to let go. Don’t let the chilly evenings of the next couple of months prevent you from enjoying a beautiful evening on your porch in your patio furniture. Instead, take control of the situation and consider these three technologies that will allow you to stay warm outside on these cool spring nights.

There is no better time than the present to invest in patio improvements for the coming summer. Whether you are shopping for new outdoor furniture or simply looking for ideas to spruce up your porch, Vancouver Sofa Company is here for you. Check out these three chic ways to stay warm on your patio!

Install a Classic Fire pit Ring for the Entire Family

Fire pits have been around for ages. In a country so rich in natural beauty, very few of us grew up without sitting around a campfire cooking food, telling stories, and singing songs. Now, rekindle those old memories and make new ones by installing your own ring-style fire pits this spring. Fire rings will not only keep you warm on the patio this spring, but they are also great for family and friend get-togethers and will simultaneously will keep pesky insects at bay.

Embrace 21st Century Elegance with a Tabletop Fire pit

If you don’t have the room for traditional fire pits, consider installing a new age tabletop alternative. Vancouver Sofa Company has many options for stylish tabletop fire pits at a variety of different price points. These gas or propane pits will provide heat to your outdoor gatherings and wow all of your guests as they marvel at the beauty and elegance of your modern patio setup.

Forget the Fire pit and Install Patio Heaters

If you are still unsure that a fire pit is right for your patio but want to bring heat to the chillier nights this spring and summer, consider patio heaters instead. Typically found at outdoor patios at bars, these raised heaters are now available for personal use as well and make for a great way to enjoy your patio furniture this season. This option will open up more space for visitors and guests to socialize while still showcasing the modernity of your yard.

As the seasons change, many of us are looking forward to spending cool evenings in the brisk British Columbian air. For those of us that can’t quite wait for the warm temperatures of mid-summer there are a variety of options to warm your patio this spring. Vancouver Sofa Company is here to help you make the most of your outdoor space through fire pits and patio furniture.

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