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June 7, 2016

How To Decorate Your Outdoor Space: Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016

This is a truly exciting season for decorating a patio or backyard area. But, no matter what year or decade we are in, at the end of the day, decorating a backyard is about bringing people together. Here are some of the 2016  outdoor furniture trends you can use to  both impress your guests and bring them all together in your backyard.

Modern, Clean, and Simple, Like Today’s Patio Sofas

The popular designs this year combine ultra-modern sleek and monochromatic furniture decorated with splashes of color. Choosing a Patio Sectional Sofa in one solid color, for example, would be perfectly on trend. Another consideration, when choosing your furniture, should be instituting a uniform design style that creates a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. After unifying your indoor and outdoor furniture designs, you can decorate further by adding splashes of color through picking cushions and coverings (citrus colors are very on trend this year).

In this way, you can add personal touches (or vary the design from month to month) while keeping your entire patio furniture design on trend for 2016.

Include Fire Elements, Like Modern Firepits

Centrally located fire elements have always drawn guests towards the backyard because they promise community and togetherness. After a day by the pool, as the temperature drops, your fire pit will change the feeling of the backyard and create another great reason for your guests to spend even more time outside.  As with furniture, the trend is toward a modern fire pit design that integrates well with the look and feel of your entire design aesthetic.

But, another trend for this year is the mixing materials and textures, and a firepit is more than just a way of drawing people outside, it is also a means of continuing the modernist theme established throughout your design while also creating variation in texture.

Bring the Indoors Outdoors, Like With Outdoor Dining

It used to be common to have small informal tables and chairs (often outdoor tables were retired indoor tables) on the patio. We have talked about bringing your indoor design into your outdoor design and about embracing modern design. But, another trend for 2016 is designing for bringing what was traditionally done inside the house out into the backyard. Probably the best example of this is planning to have more dinners outside. Again, it starts with a sleek modern design for the table and chairs and finishes with your choices of decorative touches to add personality. If you are planning on hosting an early dinner, lunch, or brunch remember that you can always use cantilever umbrellas for shade (and to provide another splash of color).

By planning ahead, thinking about unifying the design of your entire house (indoors and outdoors), bringing what was indoors outside, and adding a fire element you can take your patio to the cutting edge of 2016 decor.