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July 13, 2016

Add A Firepit To Your Furniture Set!

Even before there were backyards people gathered around fires at night to establish community, tell stories, and share food. And ever since there have been backyards, families and friends have joined together around fire pits to share food and fellowship.

If you are thinking about purchasing a firepit at Vancouver Sofa Company there are a number of things you need to think about before you purchase.

Outdoor Heaters or a Fire Pit

First, you will have to figure out what is the perfect heating element for your needs. Are you looking for warming up a current space or are you hoping to create a new gathering place? If you just need to generate a bit more warmth around an already existing table or other patio furniture, an outdoor heater or set of smaller heaters will probably fix you right up. But if you want to create a new gathering place in the backyard, you are probably ready to purchase a firepit.

Be Aware Of The Local Ordinances

There are many styles and types of fire pits, and it will save you a lot of time and hassle to learn the local ordinances before you purchase a firepit. Different areas have different rules and those rules could limit the fuels and styles of fire pits you can choose. Ordinances can also limit the kinds of heaters and heat elements that are legal in your backyard.

Plan For Safety, Space, and Design

Before you even consider how much space you think that you have available, remember that you do not want to build your fire pit too close to walls, plants, or other flammable elements. You should also plan to have a flat space on which to place your fire pit. A stone, cement, or tile floor is also best in the case of any accidents or the spilling of any ashes. You certainly do not want to locate your firepit on a wooden deck or a flammable surface.

Once you have planned for safety, think through the dimensions and make sure that you have accurate measurements. FirePits measure from between 20” – 45” and come in every  design from a bowl all the way to a table. You will also have to consider the kind of fuel (usually either wood, propane, or some other kind of gas). Finally, you will need to choose a material that is sturdy and easy to clean like steel or an alternative material like copper or tile.

It might seem like there are a ton of decisions to make but this kind of choice is really a good thing. Choice means that you will be able to find exactly the right outdoor heater (or firepits) at Vancouver Sofa Company to build your dream backyard.